Watch How This Weird Sheep Stares Its Owner Down Every Morning Until They Get Up

Still from TikTok showing sheep staring down human
TikTok | @ziggysrefuge

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you?

Hopefully, no one's scoping you out right now, but most of us still know what it's like to have someone take an unusual interest in us. Needless to say, it's unsettling and unnerving.

But what if you're getting stared at by an animal? Does it make things any less creepy? Results will vary of course, but after seeing a certain video on TikTok, I don't think I ever want to be stuck in a room with a sheep.

Ziggy's Refuge Is A Wildlife Sanctuary.

TikTok still showing sheep
TikTok | @ziggysrefuge

The @ziggysrefuge TikTok account is an absolute goldmine for the kind of dopamine that can only be created by watching cute animal videos. We're not talking about (just) cats and dogs, either. The page shows that there are many animals at the sanctuary, including pigs, goats, and sheep.

It doesn't sound unnerving, but that's just because you haven't seen the video in question just yet.

This Sheep Just...Stares.

The account recently posted this video of a sheep named Ziggy. Ziggy is hanging out next to the bed of the person shooting the video.

Most of us would be plenty freaked out if we woke up to find a sheep casually chilling in our room. But that isn't the worst of it. The truly unsettling part is the fact that Ziggy just stares and stares. I mean, it's probably because he wants his human to get out of bed and feed him, but there's just something deeply weird about being stared down by a sheep — particularly when it happens in your bedroom immediately after waking up.

Most People Weren't Here For It.

Comments on TikTok video of sheep staring at owner
TikTok | @ziggysrefuge

It isn't that sheep can't be cute animals. It's just that a long, lingering, unblinking stare is more than enough to make any creature seem creepy. Once you consider the fact that sheep have weird rectangular pupils rather than the round pupils we see in most of the animal kingdom, the whole thing starts to feel like a horror movie.

Ziggy's Probably A Very Nice Sheep.

Still from TikTok showing sheep staring down human
TikTok | @ziggysrefuge

Before we get too mean about Ziggy, let's consider this: he has a cute name, he's allowed in a human bedroom, he hasn't messed anything up, and he's waiting politely — albeit in a creepy way. Ziggy is clearly loved very much, and he must have a few redeemable features to justify that love.

I just don't want him anywhere near me, that's all.