You Must Watch This Adorable TikTok Of Mazie The American Bulldog Playing With Her Baby Brother

Jordan Claes
A young child and a dog together.
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Dogs seem to have a special kind of relationship with children. Perhaps it's because they're two of the only creatures who love unconditionally without expecting anything at all in return.

Recently, the paw-rents of an American Bulldog named Mazie introduced her to their newborn baby. The connection between baby and Bully was undeniable right from the get-go and is precisely the kind of paws-itive content needed at this time of year.

Mazie Is An American Bulldog With A Big Heart.

A close up shot of Mazie the American Bulldog.
instagram | @ayeee_its_aggie

Before bringing Mazie into their home, Mazie's mom (Aggie) and dad (Cody) thought that they wanted a male dog. "But as soon as she was born and got a picture of her I told Cody I didn’t care if it was a male or female, I wanted that puppy!!!" Aggie explained via Instagram.

The couple had recently lost a child of their own, whom they named Charlotte Christine. Upon examining Mazie's photo closely, Aggie noticed that Mazie had a unique marking on her back that resembled the letters "CC."

"I Have No Doubt That Charlotte Sent Mazikeen To Us Just When We Needed Her," Aggie's Post Continued.

The back of Mazie the American Bulldog that show's the "CC" marking.
instagram | @ayeee_its_aggie

Fast-forward a few months and Aggie and Cody were due to bring a baby of their own into the world, and again complications arose. The baby was born prematurely at 27.5 weeks, and Aggie and her child were forced to spend a grueling 76 days inside the NICU. While her paw-rents attended to her baby brother, Mazie held down the fort at home until it was time for them to return.

From The Very First Moment That Mazie Met Her Newborn Human Brother, They Formed An Instant Bond.

Mazie the American Bulldog meeting her baby brother for the first time.
instagram | @ayeee_its_aggie

At first, Aggie was convinced that Mazie thought the baby was her own, instead of belonging to her two parents. Sensing that the child wasn't yet strong enough to play with, Mazie looked on with a watchful eye — attending to every coo and cry her baby brother uttered. Until finally, the day arrived when her parents decided that it was high time for the two of them to officially meet.

When Aggie Laid Her Baby In A Blanket On The Floor, She Could Sense Mazie's Excitement.

The dog happily wagged her tail and began eagerly but carefully licking her brother's face. The child was so overcome by Mazie's show of affection that he began to laugh uncontrollably — filling the halls of the house with sweet music. Mazie appeared to be communicating with her brother in ways that only the two of them could understand, gleefully answering each bit of laughter with a resoundingly happy bork of her own.