Trevor Noah Reveals His Strangest Experience

Chisom Ndianefo
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Trevor Noah changing his hairstyle to an Afro gave him one of his most interesting interactions to date. The comedian sat down with his colleague Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and recounted an interesting Halloween experience where someone mistook him for The Weeknd due to his hairstyle.

He got into a back-and-forth with the lady who refused to believe he wasn't the I Can't Feel My Face singer.

'The Weekday' For Halloween

Close up of The Weeknd in a Red and black suit
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To be fair to the lady who was probably drunk (because it was at a Halloween party), Noah nailed his cosplay as The Weeknd. he wore a red blazer with a black shirt, tie, and pants the way the singer did for his After Hours era.

Throw in a fake mustache and sunglasses in the dark, and they have an uncanny resemblance. Noah has a private joke with the singer calling himself "The Weekday." Also, Noah makes great impressions on others, which could influence people to mistake him for others.

Check out more of his banter with Fallon on Instagram below,

'Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would'

His latest comedy special on Netflix, Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would, featured his famous impressions as he roasted American presidents through the years. He picked John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and his "favorite," Donald Trump.

Noah blew up for his impressions from South Africa and became even bigger in America during the 2015 elections when he used Trump as the source material.

Saying Goodbye To 'The Daily Show '

Besides his stand-up comedy career, Noah hosted The Daily Show for eight years and spent the first year as a correspondent alongside Jon Stewart. However, last month, he announced that he would leave the show by the end of the year because he's looking forward to new challenges.

Noah's announcement surprised his crew members, and showrunners were oblivious. He timed it as a surprise to avoid leaks and inform everyone who needed to know at once. The comedian opened up about his choice to The Hollywood Reporter in a special issue.

'Leave Before You Get Tired And Angry' - Jon Stewart

Noah explained that his South African heritage influences his actions. Where he's from, people end things while the going is good, unlike Americans who go on until they burn out. The pandemic exposed the comedian to hidden cracks in his The Daily Show system, causing him to plan to exit.

"I found myself realizing just how much I'd missed out on."

The job turned out to be more than what he bargained for when he first started, but he grew to love it, and now it's time to move on. Noah takes his mentor, Stewart's advice, and leaves before the show makes him angry and tired.