This Video Of A 'Lazy' Neighbor Filmed Parking In Man's Garden Is So Hard To Watch

Sarah Kester
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Bad neighbors sure are a thorn in your side.

One man on Reddit went viral for sharing just how horrible they can be. His neighbor is too “lazy” to bring her garbage bins inside. As a result, she parks in the rudest place possible: on top of his beautiful garden. 

People have a lot of thoughts — and a lot of ideas for revenge!

Whenever you think your situation is bad, the internet is there to remind you that things could be much, much worse. 

Neighbor door
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Tasha Bonner knows all about this. She’s a woman on TikTok who went viral for sharing the “pathetic” way her neighbors, a father and son, reserve a parking spot. 

"Here we go again - brown car is ready to dash into the space," she wrote over the clip.

Frustrated woman

It showed a man in a blue car driving off and the brown vehicle right behind him immediately taking the space.

"They both live there so they swap cars to keep that space 'saved' at all times," Tasha said.

This is despite the fact that they have enough room for two cars in their driveway. So the only word that can be summed up to describe their actions is "selfish."

This next horror neighbour story is all the above: pathetic, selfish, and lazy. 

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It was shared on Reddit by u/TinySpiderman under the Mildly Infuriating community

“My neighbor keeps parking her car on top of my garden area instead of her driveway because she's too lazy to pull her trash cans in,” the man fumed online. 

He shared a picture of just that: the neighbors car parked on top of his garden. 

Woman's car parked on garden
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The man also shared that just moved to the street. Due to his busy schedule working full-time and studying part-time, he hasn’t had the time to confront her. 

“As soon as I put my plants out she started to do this, and I can tell they don't care because their car door split open my bag of soil and knocked some plants down but they parked in the same spot again while I wasn't home,” he wrote. 

House and garden
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Since she clearly won’t stop, he’s come up with a few plans for revenge. 

"Today I outlined my plot with some bricks, if she keeps driving onto the grass instead of the clear concrete she will hit these," he shared.

Unsplash | Lluvia Morales

"The brick walls were always part of my garden design plan, so now they can serve a higher purpose."

Many Redditors couldn't believe how inconsiderate the neighbor was being.

Moira saying "this is unacceptable"
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"This is highly infuriating. You should hide your neighbor’s trash cans somewhere in the nighborhood and tell her to go find them," a Redditor suggested.

Bad neighbours are easy to find. It’s the nice ones that are a dime a dozen!

"Beautiful garden to grow some nails," commented another user.

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Some got really fired up: "You want slashes tires? Because that’s how you get them, not even joking that’s not mildly infuriating that’s extremely. Then have it towed away obviously," one wrote.

Some Redditors chipped in their own ideas for revenge in the cheekiest way possible.

Neighbours film (2014)
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“Be careful and make sure you clean up after yourself. Wouldn't want to leave any nails there, for example. Would puncture her tire, and we wouldn't want that, now, would we?” one wrote. 

“You should add some large rocks to your design,” added another. 

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Others want the woman’s car towed. 

“Have it towed. It's on your property illegally,” a user wrote.

“Yep. Immediately I'd be calling a tow truck. ‘Your car? No I haven't seen it. Some idiot abandoned their car on my property last night though and I had it towed,’” agreed another. 

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