Creepy Chloe and Briar
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A Toddler Is Obsessed With A Demonic Doll That Scares Other Children

When you think of girls and their dolls, you immediately picture a sweet little baby or an American Girl doll with a pink bow in their hair and a pretty dress

The last thing you expect a little girl to carry around everywhere is a demonic doll. And yet, that’s exactly what three-year-old Brair Beard ~~Wednesday Addams~~ does.

If you’ve seen 'Chucky' or 'Annabelle', you know how horrifying dolls can be. 

Annabelle doll
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It’s been said that demons can enter the doll’s body and possess them. But none of that seems to bother Brittany Beard, a 33-year-old mother, or her three-year-old daughter, Briar. 

She bought the doll - named Creepy Chloe (how fitting) for her daughter after she fell in love with it at a Halloween store.

Wednesday Addams
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“When we were in the store, Briar fell in love with this doll and she begged me to buy it for her,” Brittany told The Mirror

"At the same time, my eight-year-old daughter, Belle, was crying because she was terrified of it.”

We’d be crying in a corner and clutching our rosary if we had to look at that thing, too.

"My husband had to distract Belle while I bought Briar the doll because she was freaking out so much,” the mom continued. 

"She named the doll Chloe and now we refer to it as Creepy Chloe - for obvious reasons."

Briar and her doll
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When Brittany posted images of the doll and her daughter on Facebook, the post quickly went viral. These images were taken during the family's vacation at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. 

The little girl even got special perks at the park because of her doll.

Creepy doll getting wiped
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For instance, when they went to the Haunted Mansion, they were allowed to skip the 50-minute line and visit the secret “Servants Quarters." This is like the t-shirt trick at Disneyland.

There, they "got to see the keys to all rooms and the bells that ring to call the servants up.”

Briar with her doll and Disney staff
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“Then they popped us right out into the stretching room," the mom continued. "The cast members were waiting for us when the doors opened to present us with official Haunted Mansion Caretaker certificates and to walk us right on to the ride. It was so magical!”

In the comments, people couldn’t believe that the three-year-old wasn’t frightened of the doll.

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Or that the mom would allow such a doll in their house. “I’m pretty sure Creepy Chloe is stealing my soul when I sleep,” the mom wrote in her viral post. 

In case you're wondering, Briar treats Creepy Chloe just like any other doll.

"Briar treats Chloe like any normal doll, dressing it in princess dresses and pushing it in a buggy when we go out shopping," her mom told The Mirror.

Naturally, this gets them a few looks when they’re out in public. 

Chloe with her demon doll
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“Some people stop and stare and other kids give the doll a really wide berth - I feel like I have to stop and explain to everyone why she has it."

"But the truth is, I'm just as confused as anyone, because I love the fun, cute side of Halloween - I don't know where she gets it from."

All of this newfound attention even caused the doll and the little girl to get their own Instagram page called Creepy Chloe and Briar. 

Many have taken to the account to share their thoughts — and fears.

Drew Barrymore scared
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"Do the goggles prevent Creepy Chloe’s glowing red eyes from piercing your soul?" one asked of a swimming photo of the pair.

"I want my own creepy Chloe but I’m not as brave as Briar lol," another added.

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