Dog Tries To Escape Bathroom Window Just To Be Close To Her Owner

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When you raise a dog in your life, you create a special bond that can withstand anything. Dogs become extremely close to their owners, as their owners not only love and care for them but provide and nurture them day in and day out.

Without their owners, dogs would not have the means to survive. Sometimes, our dogs become so attached, that they just want to be with us all of the time.

Many dogs across the world have "separation anxiety."

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Some dogs cannot stand to be away from their owners. Sometimes, this can cause them to cry or bark for hours on end when their owners leave. In addition, some just cannot cope with being away from them—especially when they see them from a further distance.

The pandemic did not make this any easier on dogs.

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With so many people being home for an extended period of time, pets got super used to owners being around constantly. When the world opened back up again and people resumed their usual schedules, many pets were suffering without their owners nearby constantly.

Sometimes, our pets can do some crazy things just to get to be with us.

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Dogs, for example, are very curious and they will do just about anything without really thinking. They oftentimes act on impulse and emotion (which is why we all need some training classes for our furry friends).

Recently, one owner learned that her dog will jump to great lengths just to be with her.

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Rachel Green, of Hawkinge, Kent, lives with her 6-year-old Border Collie, Florence. The two have a pretty close bond and since the pandemic, Green has been working from home and spending even more time with Florance.

The other day, she was outside talking to a window fitter when she noticed something upstairs.

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Standing on her front steps, she saw out of the corner of her eye that Florance had managed to open the bathroom window and was inching forward to jump down. The drop was about a good 20 feet.

Green acted quickly and bolted towards the window.

Woman Catching Her Dog
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Green ran quickly, using her "ninja-like reflexes" and caught her 6-year-old dog in her arms as she leaped down to be closer to her owner. Clearly, this dog loves her momma a whole lot!

Green was shocked her dog would jump just to be close to her.

Woman catching her dog
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Green stated she had only been outside for about five minutes and Florance had not been home "alone" very long. She couldn't believe that Florance jumped out a 20 ft. high window.

Fortunately, Florance is totally okay.

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Thanks to Green's quick reaction, Florance is not hurt and is completely okay. She had a sore leg for a few hours, Green said, but other than that she is totally fine and unharmed—amazing.

Green shared she hadn't realized how "clingy" Florance had gotten.

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As many pet owners realized with the pandemic, Green shared that being home must have impacted her dog a lot more than she ever put together. Being together non-stop, even if Green is working, is a new routine for Florance.

Green also shared she has "never done something like that before."

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"She's never done that before and she's six so it was a bit of a shock! She's always been an independent dog but I guess she's become clingy since the pandemic and working from home, she always wants to be by my side. I just didn't realize how far she'd go to do that," Green said.

Many people online praised Green for her "quick thinking."

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Social media users from all over were celebrating how great Green was in the nick of time in order to save her pup. One person said: "That was truly a heroic effort and truly an amazing save for your dog! Truly incredible and one of the luckiest saves for that doggie."